Follow an integrated technology approach for a 5G-enabled supply chain

May 15, 2020

In this POV, we will discuss the benefits of a 5G-enabled supply chain and offer some examples from this space.

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Improve your decision making through smart data platforms; NTT’s Accelerate SMART provides some best practices in a highly competitive market

May 14, 2020

In this PoV, we explore how NTT envisioned and developed an industry-agnostic smart platform that has already been deployed on several campus, commercial, and government settings in addition to smart city projects

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Keep blockchain investments real to get beyond a successful but useless POC

May 06, 2020

We dive into the thoughts of enterprise leaders at EY’s 2020 Blockchain Summit, which show how you can convince your C-suite of blockchain’s worth.

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Use COVID-19 as an opportunity to expand your healthcare solutions portfolio

Apr 30, 2020

In this PoV, we discuss the overall problems getting faced by the healthcare industry and the interesting use cases it is using to fight COVID-19.

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Providers must look to blockchain to fix the lack of supply chain transparency exposed by COVID-19

Apr 29, 2020

Providers must invest in and refine their blockchain solutions to win over clients looking towards transparent supply chains in the midst of COVID-19.

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HFS Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020

Apr 24, 2020

The HFS Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020 report investigates the blockchain space to provide a comprehensive and foundational analysis of the blockchain services market for enterprises.

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Big Pharma Must Invest in Distributed Ledger Technologies to Secure Their Supply Chains

Apr 17, 2020

A look at how a few companies have used distributed ledger technology to power better secure distribution practices.

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Supply chain leaders must address modern slavery to mitigate risk and save millions from forced labor; it starts with visibility

Apr 16, 2020

Addressing modern slavery is not just about brand image and mitigating business risk—it’s a moral (and legal) obligation.

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Leverage blockchain applications to fight COVID-19

Apr 08, 2020

In this PoV, we analyze the potential of blockchain to fight COVID-19, including several examples of how it has already helped us fight this pandemic.

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