Analytics, Big Data and BI

Accelerating Time-To-Value In Your Big Data Mosaic

Mar 20, 2017

ROI on big data projects is rarely immediate, with the level of effort typically taken in initially developing data infrastructures, talent, and analytical tools and capabilities.

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The HfS Blueprint Guide to Talent Acquisition Services

Oct 17, 2016

This Blueprint Guide provides a fresh take on the emerging Talent Acquisition Services in the As-a-Service Economy.

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HfS Blueprint: Digitally Enabled Contact Center 2016

Sep 29, 2016

This Blueprint is a spinoff of the previously published Contact Center Operations Blueprint, focusing on the digital elements of contact center BPO.

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Making the Leap from Effective to Strategic BPM

Sep 19, 2016

​This report looks at the evolution of sourcing and enterprise operations, from effective to strategic BPM.

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Can HR be an Innovation Incubator?

Aug 25, 2016

Can the HR function act a catalyst to drive innovation from digital services in organizations?

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Genpact Buyers Guide

Aug 22, 2016

HfS Research's comprehensive buyer-focused analysis of Genpact.

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Wipro Buyers Guide

Aug 17, 2016

This is a comprehensive buyer-focused analysis of IT and BPO service provider Wipro.

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HfS Blueprint Report: Population Health and Care Management 2016

Jul 27, 2016

How clients and service providers are using automation, analytics, and more in BPO/BPaaS to enable consumer centric healthcare operations.

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HfS Blueprint Report: Mortgage As-a-Service 2016

Jul 13, 2016

Building on the 2014 Mortgage BPO Blueprint, HfS reviews the adoption of the Eight Ideals of the As-a-Service Economy in more detail.

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