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Request these five team characteristics to make your SAP SuccessFactors engagements succeed

Dec 11, 2019

This POV provides recommendations to enterprises to achieve a successful SAP SuccessFactors deployment.

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Enterprise leaders must rethink how they source talent. Wipro and Topcoder can show them how.

Nov 21, 2019

Sourcing talent is getting harder for enterprises and service providers alike. We examine how Wipro Topcoder clients are benefiting from it's unique crowdsourcing capabilities.

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In the early days of enterprise AR and VR, look to your peers’ pioneering use cases to set your own strategy

Nov 12, 2019

Use AR, VR, and MR technologies to make your physical operation environments more efficient and create meaningful, immersive experiences

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The SAP S/4HANA migration 2025 deadline looms—make a plan

Nov 08, 2019

SAP is set on a migration deadline to S/4HANA by 2025; the official line is that SAP will no longer support its legacy software afterward.

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Leverage IoT to bring humanity back to healthcare

Nov 07, 2019

With the advent of IoT, some of its applications have the potential to bring a sea change across all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

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HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services 2019

Nov 06, 2019

The 2019 HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services report examines the role service providers play in the highly competitive ServiceNow Services market.

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Mphasis is the IT services industry's hidden gem - Enterprise leaders must not skip past growing mid-tier firms

Oct 28, 2019

It’s a great time to be a mid-tier IT services firm. While the largest IT services firms are vying for big ticket “transformation” engagements and footprint expansion

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Sep 27, 2019

We present the HFS Hot Vendors Report for Q3 2019. The HFS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice.

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HFS Webinar: Your Agile Transformation Journey Will Fail Without Quality QA

Mar 12, 2019

This webinar will focus on how better QA will enhance your transformational journey.

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