Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Service providers need to prepare for the impact of COVID-19 on the services market

May 05, 2020

HFS Research provides guidance on the likely forecast scenarios post-COVID-19.

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Market Index Q4 2019

Apr 30, 2020

This update to the HFS Market Index gives an overview of the IT and business services market performance.

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Salesforce clients should keep abreast of Cognizant’s continued investments to position itself as a CX services leader

Apr 29, 2020

Cognizant doubles down on Salesforce marketing cloud and CX with Lev acquisition

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Service providers must align their offerings with BFS clients’ partner selection priorities

Apr 22, 2020

It’s crucial that service providers ensure they align their offerings with the needs of BFS clients, or they risk losing their grasp on the market.

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Apr 21, 2020

The world changed overnight and the new abnormal is here! We reached out to the global service provider community to understand how they reacted to global crisis and the immediate outlook for the industry.

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Front-office service providers must leverage smart investments to weather the COVID-19 storm

Apr 20, 2020

Front office services are set to be hardest hit, but providers are leveraging previous investments to rise to the challenge

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Mortgage innovation cannot stop at the front office! Lenders must beat down back-office process debt to achieve the Digital OneOffice.

Apr 16, 2020

Mortgage lenders are making strides toward the Digital OneOffice using emerging tech and process optimization—but they need to think bigger than task-specific change to reap real benefits.

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F&A BPO buyers must consider the current technology climate and the environment when assessing locations

Apr 16, 2020

With so many aspects to consider- technology, politics, talent, environmental constraints, etc.- F&A BPO buyers must take a holistic approach when it comes to location selection

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COVID-19: Outsourcers must ensure they’re better prepared for the next crisis

Apr 07, 2020

Covid-19 took the world, and the outsourcing industry by surprise - in future, business continuity plans must be more far reaching

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