Cloud Computing

Improve your decision making through smart data platforms; NTT’s Accelerate SMART provides some best practices in a highly competitive market

May 14, 2020

In this PoV, we explore how NTT envisioned and developed an industry-agnostic smart platform that has already been deployed on several campus, commercial, and government settings in addition to smart city projects

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Find a method to the madness to stay at the edge of innovation

Mar 18, 2020

Enterprises are struggling to keep pace with the unprecedented rate of technological advancements. The promise and impact of emerging technologies on how we produce, deliver, and consume goods and services are unquestionable. However, businesses are strug

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HFS 2.0: Defining Business Operations in the Next Decade

Mar 16, 2020

HFS resuscitates the analyst industry by bringing unique, fresher and more impactful insights into the major innovations impacting business and IT operations today and tomorrow.

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AI leaders, focus on AI governance and lifecycle management: Leverage AI GRC as a service

Mar 11, 2020

When AI becomes pervasive, governance and management of AI solutions’ lifecycle become a key challenge for all enterprise AI leaders who have embarked on this journey.

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Telcos must be aware of the existential threat that tech giants present—this goes way beyond over-the-top revenues; this is about connectivity

Feb 24, 2020

The potential for disruption and disintermediation is high and telcos need to look beyond cost cutting and innovate their offerings and operations.

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IT and BPO outsourcing contract renewal analysis—2020

Jan 17, 2020

HFS Research’s first-ever IT/BPO outsourcing contract renewal report. In this report, we analyze outsourcing contracts that are up for renewal in 2020.

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IT needs to invest more in cloud 2.0 – with service partners playing a vital role

Jan 16, 2020

HFS looks at maturity in cloud computing. Which industries are betting big, the choice between containers and serverless, and where multi-cloud fits in.

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Calling SIs, MSPs, and IT consultants: Google needs your domain expertise. Ramp up, engage, and build industrialized solutions

Jan 10, 2020

HFS examines what Google is doing to increase its chances of success with Google Cloud platform and some recent developments in its services partner ecosystem.

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Unisys’ investment in security, automation and cloud capabilities moves the firm to stable growth, and should add them to your selection process

Jan 08, 2020

At a recent analyst event, we discovered how Unisys' strategy is paying off and helping the firm move back to stable growth.

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