Cloud Computing

CIOs would be foolish to ignore Alibaba Cloud, even if it struggles to gain traction outside of APAC

Dec 05, 2019

Alibaba Cloud may be a regional player now, but the firm is investing heavily to take the battle to the major cloud giants. We examine why CIOs must include Alibaba in their public cloud roadmap.

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Awakening the sleeping giant: Google Cloud must strike now if it’s to take on AWS and Microsoft

Nov 05, 2019

Google is ramping up to take on competitors in hyperscale cloud. We examine how this sleeping giant is adding weapons to its arsenal to win the cloud wars.

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Insurance customers must evaluate SE2 for both innovation and execution with its new investments

Nov 05, 2019

SE2 made a few announcements recently, including the opening of its delivery and innovation centers in India and the launch of its Digital Engage platform. These decisions represent the company’s future as a platform-based services partner

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HCL is going toe-to-toe with major IT services firms and winning: Enterprises must consider their capability to bring scale to digital engagements

Nov 03, 2019

At a recent event, HCL brought two major clients in to talk us through their digital journey.

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Hexaware’s Mobiquity acquisition should change your digital design partner shortlist—here’s why.

Nov 01, 2019

This report examines the new capabilities and potential Hexaware's acquisition of Mobiquity and what this means for current and future clients.

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Change the game with verticalized AI: NIIT Technologies’ unique play as a post-digital firm

Oct 18, 2019

Enterprise AI leaders must leverage AI solutions at the intersection point of horizontal technical AI capabilities and vertical-specific depth.

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Oct 04, 2019

This report analyses publicly announced ITMS and BPO contracts in Q2 2019 by region, service types, key verticals, main vendors and digital services.

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Enterprise leaders must learn from the key priorities of Cognizant: Collaborate and co-create Solutions with tech partners

Sep 30, 2019

HFS Research attended Cognizant's APAC Advisory Summit in Singapore. We believe Cognizant is focusing on building proprietary products by partnering with tech vendors to compete effectively with its peers.

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HFS Top 10: Cloud Migration and Management Services 2019

Sep 12, 2019

The 2019 HFS Top 10 Cloud Migration and Management Services report examines the role service providers play in the highly competitive cloud market.

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