Design Thinking

Find the right partners to help you break down internal silos and reach your full potential

Feb 17, 2020

How to select experience agency partners that will help break down your front office silos.

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Don’t let a few cool 3D printing use cases make it Industry 4.0’s poison chalice

Dec 31, 2019

3D printing, for now, remains small scale and complex—but manufacturers can’t be complacent: find the right providers and partners for your firm.

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HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services 2019

Nov 06, 2019

The 2019 HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services report examines the role service providers play in the highly competitive ServiceNow Services market.

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Wipro is redefining how clients navigate digital services: Enterprise leaders must shift mindsets to leverage the firm’s growing capabilities

Nov 04, 2019

Wipro has developed a unique approach to bringing digital services to clients, but enterprise leaders must shift mindsets to make the most of them.

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HCL is going toe-to-toe with major IT services firms and winning: Enterprises must consider their capability to bring scale to digital engagements

Nov 03, 2019

At a recent event, HCL brought two major clients in to talk us through their digital journey.

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Hexaware’s Mobiquity acquisition should change your digital design partner shortlist—here’s why.

Nov 01, 2019

This report examines the new capabilities and potential Hexaware's acquisition of Mobiquity and what this means for current and future clients.

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“Straight to digital” is not doomsday for smart service providers. Genpact just had its best quarter in six years! (Part Two)

Sep 25, 2019

Part two of two: HFS CEO Phil Fersht talks with Genpact's CEO and Chief Strategy Officer about their data, mindsets, reskilling, and future.

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Sep 16, 2019

In this PoV, we discuss how 3D printing is influencing the manufacturing industry and how the manufacturers can accelerate their 3D printing journey

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A Picture of Strategy: Mini But Mighty Design Team “Visualizes” Strategy with DXC Clients

Dec 15, 2017

How DXC's ENVISION incorporates drawing into digital transformation and other business challenges.

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