Digital Transformation

COVID-19: Technology providers must support government and healthcare professionals in this time of crisis - ServiceNow shows them how

Mar 31, 2020

In this report, we have discussed how ServiceNow has come forward with new applications and offered continuous support to their community in various ways to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

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Organizations must learn how to work in this new paradigm of enforced home- working fast, or sink even faster

Mar 23, 2020

Decentralized teams from the tech giants have developed approaches and technology stacks that every enterprise should consider to help them to move more teams to home working.

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Mar 19, 2020

This report analyses publicly announced ITMS and BPO contracts in Q4 2019 by region, service types, key verticals, main vendors and digital services.

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Find a method to the madness to stay at the edge of innovation

Mar 18, 2020

Enterprises are struggling to keep pace with the unprecedented rate of technological advancements. The promise and impact of emerging technologies on how we produce, deliver, and consume goods and services are unquestionable. However, businesses are strug

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CX Providers must shift to digital integrated business services - Teleperformance’s TAP framework shows them how

Mar 18, 2020

In this PoV, we highlight some of the key initiatives and client engagement details of Teleperformance and recommend pathways that other service providers must follow to thrive in customer experience space.

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HFS 2.0: Defining Business Operations in the Next Decade

Mar 16, 2020

HFS resuscitates the analyst industry by bringing unique, fresher and more impactful insights into the major innovations impacting business and IT operations today and tomorrow.

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AI leaders, focus on AI governance and lifecycle management: Leverage AI GRC as a service

Mar 11, 2020

When AI becomes pervasive, governance and management of AI solutions’ lifecycle become a key challenge for all enterprise AI leaders who have embarked on this journey.

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Service providers should be scrambling to digitally transform the Indian cricket market

Mar 09, 2020

Come to Indian cricket’s digital rescue before others take the platform to show off their capability and attract talent from a global following.

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Enterprise leaders must build the three pillars of hyper-productive work to be successful in the modern economy

Mar 06, 2020

The 2020s present an extraordinary opportunity to prepare for the future of work and to drive it with a diverse, inclusive, and ever-evolving workforce. In this report we examine how executives are preparing and embracing the three pillars of hyper-produc

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