HFS Highlight: Atos and Siemens develop “Process Digital Twin” solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Jun 08, 2020

This report describes the “Process Digital Twin” solution developed by Atos and Siemens.

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Healthcare ecosystems must rally around proven partners during COVID-19 to prepare for the aftermath, future outbreaks, and wider public health challenges

May 07, 2020

Providers are positioning themselves as central points for the COVID-19 response; collaborating now will prepare your ecosystems for future challenges

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Big Pharma Must Invest in Distributed Ledger Technologies to Secure Their Supply Chains

Apr 17, 2020

A look at how a few companies have used distributed ledger technology to power better secure distribution practices.

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HFS 2.0: Defining Business Operations in the Next Decade

Mar 16, 2020

HFS resuscitates the analyst industry by bringing unique, fresher and more impactful insights into the major innovations impacting business and IT operations today and tomorrow.

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Life sciences third-party service providers, support your clients by driving meaningful change—“business as usual” isn’t enough

Mar 09, 2020

As digitization sweeps every industry in the new age of hyper-convenient, customer-centric models, the healthcare and life science communities must prepare to follow suit.

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Leverage IoT to bring humanity back to healthcare

Nov 07, 2019

With the advent of IoT, some of its applications have the potential to bring a sea change across all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

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Care providers must blend digital and data with user-centric design as the population ages

Jul 26, 2019

As life expectancy and demand for social care grows, care providers must reinvent their ecosystems to adopt digital in a user-centric approach.

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Pharma firms must look to Cognizant’s growing capabilities as it invests in IOT and life sciences

Jul 16, 2019

Cognizant's recent acquisition of Zenith Technologies boosts it's capabilities in Pharma, but also in IoT.

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AI in HR Is a Matter of How, Not If

Aug 13, 2018

AI is now a crucial tool in workforce management, but assuming it can solve all of a company’s HR issues is dangerously naïve.

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