Intelligent Automation

HfS Benchmark Report: Detailed assessment of the 10 leading RPA products

Jun 01, 2018

A comprehensive look at 10 leading RPA products based on inputs from 350+ actual users

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If you aren’t embedding RPA into your procurement, plan your retirement

May 31, 2018

Use robotic process automation (RPA) to transform source-to-pay (S2P) and set a clear course to competitive advantage

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Triple-A Trifecta pioneer Corning takes aim at data-driven RPA

May 11, 2018

Our research allowed us the opportunity to learn about the RPA initiatives coming together at an organization where the automation leaders are doing exactly this—discovering and planning at the intersection of data, analytics, automation, and AI.

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Webinar: Embracing cognitive AI to transform your customer engagement

Apr 26, 2018

Enterprise leaders are under intense pressure to respond to constantly changing customer needs, or risk losing revenue and relevance within their industries

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Using cognitive tech to connect customers to business operations

Apr 06, 2018

How cognitive technology can break down the barriers between the front and back offices, and drive the OneOffice vision

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Webinar: Reality check on Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Apr 03, 2018

Thought-leaders in the AI space discuss the key issues in the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence market

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HfS Blueprint Report: Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services 2018

Mar 16, 2018

This inaugural Blueprint analyzes the dynamics and state of the Enterprise AI market.

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Can AI Revolutionize the Insurance Industry?

Mar 09, 2018

The existing state of AI technology can radically transform customer experience, underwriting, financial advice and claims processes. But how?

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Insurance Customers Demand Intelligent Automation

Feb 09, 2018

Major study findings spotlight the emerging reality of intelligent automation for insurance carriers.

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