Intelligent Automation

How MetLife used transparency and inclusion to drive intelligent automation success

Jun 24, 2019

RPA hype, continues to pervade the marketplace making it very difficult to discern viable execution and management strategies. In an effort to go beyond the hype, HFS with support from Blue Prism, is showcasing real enterprise journeys with RPA.

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Move from task automation to transformation: Bacardi drives sustainable scale with process specialization

Jun 14, 2019

Join us for this webinar, in partnership with Redwood Software, where we talk about how Bacardi drives sustainable scale with process specialization.

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Why you need an integrated automation focus to drive growth

Jun 13, 2019

This voice of the customer (VOC) report spotlights Indecomm Global Services, a provider of SaaS-based technology and services to the mortgage industry, and its how integrated automation platform (IAP) partner AntWorks. Indecomm is leveraging IA...

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Enterprises, Escape Your RPA Pigeonhole Today to Achieve End-to-End Automation

May 31, 2019

HFS interviewed enterprises using RPA, service providers delivering RPA services, and RPA software companies to triangulate on the best ways to combine RPA and cognitive technologies to deliver advantages over standalone RPA.

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HFS Webinar: Keep your IT Operations Relevant with AI and automation

May 27, 2019

In partnership with Mphasis, join us for our webinar, where we will discuss the topic of cognitive automation of IT operations through ML and AI.

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Leverage the power of “and” to deliver your integrated digital business strategy

May 14, 2019

This voice of the customer report showcases two enterprise examples of businesses that are embracing integrated automation to digitally transform their businesses.

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Solve your AI talent challenges with crowdsourcing and gamification: Five practices to follow

Apr 25, 2019

Enterprise AI leaders and their HR or talent practice partners will have to fundamentally shift their thinking from “hiring” AI talent to dynamically right-sourcing the right talent for the right duration to work on the right problems.

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Automators Anonymous: The HFS Intelligent Automation Roundtable vents, commiserates, and shares learnings for the future of IA

Apr 24, 2019

The recent HFS executive roundtable, held in April 2019 in New York City served as the “safe space” where automation and operations leaders got together along with executives from HCL Technologies to talk about the state of the market.

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Verticalized AI in a Box Use Cases Hold the Key to Fast, Competitive AI

Apr 05, 2019

Business use cases of AI are verticalized by default, given the domain contexts and consequently the data models, ontologies, semantic networks and rules are specific to each vertical.

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