Intelligent Automation

Automators Anonymous: The HFS Intelligent Automation Roundtable vents, commiserates, and shares learnings for the future of IA

Apr 24, 2019

The recent HFS executive roundtable, held in April 2019 in New York City served as the “safe space” where automation and operations leaders got together along with executives from HCL Technologies to talk about the state of the market.

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Verticalized AI in a Box Use Cases Hold the Key to Fast, Competitive AI

Apr 05, 2019

Business use cases of AI are verticalized by default, given the domain contexts and consequently the data models, ontologies, semantic networks and rules are specific to each vertical.

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Integrated Automation: Why You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

Mar 28, 2019

HFS, in collaboration with KPMG International, investigated the pace of change intelligent automation is having on enterprises.The study findings make it clear that the objectives for IA are exponential, but the execution is linear.

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Integrated Automation: The Secret Sauce to Scale Enterprise-Wide Digitization

Mar 26, 2019

Integrated Automation is Emerging as the Secret Sauce to Scale Enterprise-Wide Digitization

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Don’t assume your analytics partners will still be effective as you embrace smart analytics

Mar 06, 2019

A deep-dive into the key demand-side perspectives that emerged from client interviews from our recent smart analytics research.

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GBS leaders must align their shared services for the digital age or face extinction

Mar 06, 2019

Enterprise leaders are under increased pressure to pivot their businesses to meet the needs of consumers and ensure operations are agile enough to support these needs. Yet, the engine room of most organizations’ services —global business services (GBS)— o

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The strategy behind IBM GBS’ “Cognitive Enterprise” makes sense, but will it be enough to ensure success?

Mar 01, 2019

At the recently concluded IBM Think in SFO, we spent significant time with IBM GBS Leadership and its clients to understand their go-to-market strategy. We assess the strategy in this POV.

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Kofax Makes the Most Serious Investment Yet in Intelligent Automation with NDI and TIS, but Does the Market Care?

Feb 20, 2019

Earlier this month, Kofax closed its acquisition of Nuance Document Imaging (NDI) at a price tag of $400 million. It also entered a definitive agreement to acquire Top Image Systems (TIS). What do these two acquisitions mean for the development

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By 2020, More Than 50% of Enterprise AI Adopters Will Face AI Fatigue

Feb 08, 2019

Enterprise AI investments are already struggling to scale, due to an AI fatigue which many practitioners have not anticipated. Here are 5 practices to beat the fatigue.

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