Mobilizing the Enterprise: Lessons from a Disruptor

Feb 23, 2015

Northern Light’s newly unveiled mobile App provides a case study of how digital disruption is unleashed and provides us with identifiable three clear lessons for Enterprise Mobility along the way.

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A Tale of Two Techies: Implications for Mobility from Microsoft and Apple’s Diverging Results

Feb 03, 2015

Apple and Microsoft reported their quarterly earnings last week with wildly divergent results. This PoV explores how their performance was a clear indication that the enterprise mobility market is diverging as well.

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The Day Apple’s Enterprise Strategy Came in from the Cold

Jul 15, 2014

The announcement of a global strategic partnership between IBM and Apple lit up news channels, twitter feeds, and even many of the traditionally recalcitrant blogs.

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iNovar’s MyBI2Go - Rewriting the Rules around Enterprise Mobility and SI

Jun 29, 2014

Respondents to HfS’ annual IT Trends Survey indicated Mobility as their number one BI priority today, and a start-up called iNovar appears well positioned to take advantage of this trend.

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Dell Well Positioned to Enable the Mobile Enterprise

Jun 29, 2014

This report explores the breadth of Dell’s Enterprise Mobility capabilities and details how and why it is on a path to position itself as a leader in the space.

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Native App vs HTML5 - When Better is Not Best

Jun 02, 2014

Should your next mobile app be developed in HTML 5 or native code?

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Will Apigee Become the Next Google?

May 05, 2014

Apigee, a leading API management vendor, resisted a wave of consolidation last year and just secured an additional $60M in funding bringing its total to $171M. What will it do with the cash?

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HfS Blueprint Report: Enterprise Mobility Services

Feb 18, 2014

Mobile devices are steadily becoming the primary interface for the digital activities across our personal and professional lives.

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How New Smartphone Sensors are Revolutionizing Business

Jan 15, 2014

Today’s smartphones have the capacity to move well beyond simple communication interfaces for relaying voice and data.

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