Social Media

HFS Top 10 Digital Front Office: CX Design, Sales, and Marketing

Aug 01, 2019

This report examines 16 CX design, marketing and sales operations service providers across a defined set of innovation, execution, and voice of the customer criteria.

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Facebook Workplace: The good, the bad, and the distracting - Enterprise leaders must decide if it’s right for their culture

May 14, 2019

Collaboration tools and platforms are very much in vogue, and even Facebook is getting in on the act in a big way. But in some cases, increased collaboration doesn’t equal boosted productivity.

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Digital Natives: Rethinking Trusted Consumer Engagements

Dec 22, 2015

In this session of the #CXforum, HfS sat down with Dennis DeGregor of HPE to discuss the rise of digital natives and the impact this is having on managing enterprise brands.

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Controlling the Impact of Social Media on Sourcing

May 29, 2014

This paper looks at the risks for enterprises and their service providers that result from the introduction of social media tools and platforms.

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The Future of Social Business Is Already Here

Sep 25, 2013

This RapidInsight explores the adoption of social platforms and tools across the enterprise via an interview with Dion Hinchcliffe a leading practitioner in the space.

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Social Business Vendor Profile: IBM

Aug 29, 2013

IBM offers a very complete Social Business solution based on its homegrown Connections product. This HfS report explores this offering along a variety of fronts including its analytics, interfaces, security, mobility, and pricing.

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Measures to Ensure a Social Business Engagement is Destined for Success

Aug 05, 2013

Some recently released survey data indicates the race to implement social media initiatives is picking up steam.

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HfS Social Business Manifesto

Mar 28, 2013

Social media has evolved from its roots in the consumer market into an important set of tools with a broad impact on a variety of business practices.

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Social Business in IT Operations: BMC Software’s MyIT

Dec 04, 2012

To stay ahead of the competition and to prosper long-term, companies have to re-invent themselves from time to time. HfS Research believes that BMC Software has done just that and that the company is in excellent shape.

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