Service providers ignoring sustainability are fast becoming laggards

Sep 23, 2019

The sustainability services space is not mature. Providers must build capability now before they miss out on a huge strategic opportunity.

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Executives must focus on sustainability, or prepare for a new wave of lawsuits

Aug 19, 2019

Evolving scientific evidence of climate change, coupled with changing legal interpretations, means a new wave of lawsuits washing over enterprises.

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Manufacturers must push their providers to focus more on sustainability

Jul 29, 2019

In HFS’ Manufacturing Top10, sustainability is providers' least mature offering. Clients must push for it to be a competence before it’s too late.

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UK energy suppliers must decide: Will they play the cost game or focus on customer experience and sustainability?

Jul 16, 2019

UK utility execs are split between cost-leadership, their customers, and sustainability; they must choose now, as "auto-switching" sweeps the market.

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How Blockchain can connect consumers to the supply chain—improving your topline and avoiding public outcry

Jun 25, 2019

As consumers demand new sustainable standards, Blockchain is opening up supply chains - facilitating transparency, traceability, and value for workers.

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Sustainability: it’s time to get your act together or miss out on the value that others are currently realizing

May 23, 2019

Ingrain sustainability in top-level strategy to capture part of the $12 trillion on offer – partnerships can be an accelerating first step.

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Make Sure Your Service Provider Is as Invested in Sustainability as Your Customers

Apr 26, 2019

Sustainability is not just philanthropic show. With the right service provider it can create game-changing business value.

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E is for Energy: How Alphabet is Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Smart Energy Investments

Feb 07, 2016

The Silicon Valley giants have huge energy needs. How do these companies make sure they have enough energy supply to keep their operations running? Google parent Alphabet bets on renewables.

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The Paris Climate Agreement Is Ripping up the Operating Model for Energy Firms

Jan 18, 2016

Paris will write off fossil-fuel legacy & cut production costs to the bone, which will have a massive impact on energy provider operating models.

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