Unfiltered Stories: No-Code-Low-Code in Healthcare

September 17, 2021

US healthcare spends close to $4Trillion annually, or ~20% of GDP. Yet we are becoming sicker and living fewer years on average, even before the pandemic struck. However with emerging technologies and new approaches to enabling technologies we have an opportunity to course correct. One of those is the use of No-Code-Low-Code in health and healthcare to rapidly address systemic challenges and yet be environmentally friendly. Too good to be true? Listen to my discussion with Raveesh.

The podcast has 3 parts:

1. Setting the stage – which gives us an understanding of No-Code-Low-Code and distills a software oxymoronic expression that packs a punch

2. Let’s talk unfiltered – Learn how No-Code-Low-Code can help with the enormous tech debt in healthcare and the real-life examples of where that is happening.

  • While No-Code-Low-Code may be framed as the next best thing after sliced bread, it has limitations, and we shine a light on it.
  • Emerging tech is perceived to be sexier and has attracted serious investments, yet No-Code-Low-Code has claims that cannot be ignored. We compare them.
  • No-Code-Low-Code has had successes in other industries, and we learn about how we can learn from those and inspire accelerated material improvements in health-tech.

3. Looking into the future – No-Code-Low-Code enables citizen developers, the idea that anybody can develop software given the simplicity of it as long there is a good understanding of the business. Consequently, it aligns well with the need for lower energy requirements, and we discuss its environment friendliness. No-Code-Low-Code a climate change reverser?