HfS Webinar: How Cognitive Systems like ignio™ Make Batch Jobs Management Simpler

Oct 20, 2016 Tom Reuner

Batch jobs are the lifeblood for thousands of businesses—many of which run millions of batch jobs every year. Unfortunately, managing these high volumes of batch jobs has become a huge nightmare: numerous errors require a large amount of resources to validate and isolate the problems. Even then, batch jobs still run into unexpected outages, while Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations threaten the proper operation of the business. 

This webinar demonstrates how ignio™, the world’s leading cognitive system, has been helping customers tackle this complex problem. We share real world examples on how ignio™ is implemented and highlight the lessons learned from these implementations. 

Attend and learn:

  • Why batch job management issues are affecting business operations 
  • How Cognitive systems like ignio™ solve the complex issues of batch jobs management 
  • How implementing ignio™ resolves customer problems—using real world examples 
  • Insights from practitioners on how this is implemented and the lessons learned from these implementations.


  • Dr. Maitreya Natu, Digitate
  • Dr. Thomas Reuner, HfS Research
  • Victor Thu, Digitate


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