How Design Thinking is Changing Business Operations

Oct 29, 2017 Barbra McGann

What Difference Does Design Thinking Make in Healthcare Services? 

Design thinking is an approach to identifying and solving problems that has been used for innovating products and services -- and now we are seeing an uptake on the use of this method and tools for business operations too. Join us for a roundtable discussion on what design thinking means in the context of business operations, and as an example, how the clinicians and staff at Lawrence General Hospital and their service provider partner, Sutherland, are weaving concepts from design thinking into the way the hospital operates. The intent is to help think outside the box on addressing problems and opportunities to advance patient experience and care inside the hospital and with the community. 


  • Christina Wolf, Clinical Manager, Population Health, Lawrence General Hospital (bio
  • Gemma Wilde, Director of Design Research, Sutherland Labs (bio
  • Tina Eller, VP & Global Lead, Revenue Cycle, Sutherland (bio)
  • Barbra McGann, EVP, Business Operations, HfS Research (bio


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