Southwest Airlines gets Jiffy with automation: An underdog RPA tale driven by cultural fit and ease of use

Feb 25, 2020

In this webinar where HFS showcased an enterprise success story with an up and coming RPA vendor

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Propel Your Business Operations “Straight to Digital” with Digital Associates

Feb 13, 2020

In this webinar, we explored the “Straight to Digital” approach, the critical role that Digital Associates play in it, and the best principles and practices to follow on such a journey.

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Becoming a Digital OneOffice enterprise: Avnet modernizes the customer experience in electronics distribution

Nov 22, 2019

Join us for this webinar where we’ll showcase Avnet’s journey to HFS’ Digital OneOffice

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The Blue Prism RPA customer spotlight – Getting beyond the hype

Sep 23, 2019

HFS turns the spotlight to enterprise customers of Blue Prism RPA. We’ll have an open and honest discussion about how these enterprises make RPA work for their respective businesses long after implementation is done and the consultants went

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What is the real State of Operations & Outsourcing in 2019?

Sep 19, 2019

In this highly anticipated webinar, be the first to hear the latest findings from the analysts behind the now famous “State of Operations and Outsourcing” HFS Research study, supported by KPMG.

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Disruptive technology: Why you shouldn’t ignore Quantum computing.

Aug 09, 2019

In this webinar, experts from HFS, and Atos will tackle some of these misunderstandings and present the reality looking at the current state of Quantum computing technology.

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The Big Procurement Makeover Debate: Why procurement struggles to deliver value beyond cost-reduction

Jun 21, 2019

How Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ is changing the strategic procurement narrative

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Move from task automation to transformation: Bacardi drives sustainable scale with process specialization

Jun 14, 2019

Join us for this webinar, in partnership with Redwood Software, where we talk about how Bacardi drives sustainable scale with process specialization.

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HFS Webinar: Keep your IT Operations Relevant with AI and automation

May 27, 2019

In partnership with Mphasis, join us for our webinar, where we will discuss the topic of cognitive automation of IT operations through ML and AI.

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