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Case Study: Harnessing the Triple-A Trifecta to Hit Digital OneOffice™ Gold

Ericsson's journey to the Digital OneOffice model provides valuable lessons for organizations looking to get the most out of emerging technologies.

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Making Sense of Nonsensical RPA Software Pricing

RPA pricing is a critical issue impacting scalability and industrialization, but is there a better more practical model?

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Why Now? The Drivers for the Recent Spike in Cloud Adoption

Through tracking recent Cloud migration deals, HFS is able to paint a picture of the major drivers for enterprises moving to the cloud.

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Research, Insight, and Advice for Buyers of Global Services

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Membership Services for Service Providers

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HfS Data Products

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RPA Research

HFS Top 10 RPA Products 2018

HFS Top 10 report featuring the leading RPA products based on interviews with 359 RPA super users.

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Join us for the Future of Operations in the Robotic Age Council

HfS launches the FORA Council (Future of Operations in the Robotic Age), a select international executive leadership council of key industry stakeholders.

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Barely a third of outsourcing deals are now safe: Window-dressing legacy engagements is over

Barely a third of outsourcing deals are now safe: Window-dressing legacy engagements is over

Outsourcing is finally entering the uncomfortable phase of change that’s threatened for several years, and it’s going to get ugly