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Process industry transformations must find a unique way of being agile

Process industries keep falling behind on the road to Industry 4.0 - agile transformations are tough, but they must find a unique path.

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UK energy suppliers must decide: Will they play the cost game or focus on customer experience and sustainability?

UK utility execs are split between cost-leadership, their customers, and sustainability; they must choose now, as "auto-switching" sweeps the market.

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Industrial and High-Tech leaders must take Capgemini’s growing capabilities seriously after Altran acquisition

The Industry 4.0 market is looking for a new champion, does Capgemini's acquisition of Altran put it in the running?

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Research, Insight, and Advice for Buyers of Global Services

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Membership Services for Service Providers

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HFS Data Products

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HFS Top 10 RPA Products 2018

HFS Top 10 report featuring the leading RPA products based on interviews with 359 RPA super users.

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Join us for the Future of Operations in the Robotic Age Council

HfS launches the FORA Council (Future of Operations in the Robotic Age), a select international executive leadership council of key industry stakeholders.

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Want to survive the AI era? YOU have a simple choice to make...

Want to survive the AI era? YOU have a simple choice to make...

There are no half-measures here, folks – you can’t dip in and out when it comes to driving automation and AI solutions – people are quickly getting found out for having a veneer of understanding

The present and the future is... Robotic Business Outsourcing

The present and the future is... Robotic Business Outsourcing

Along comes the perfect new lever to unearth costs many had never thought possible to eliminate: RPA.