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Net-zero roadmaps: Sustainability in 2022 must center on transition planning

COP26 marked a shift from ambition to action. But less than 20% of organizations have the transition plan they need

Market Analysis

Sustainability Services Ecosystem Mapping

The state of sustainability across consulting, technology, and managed services.

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Don’t get lost in over-hyped ESG tech—there’s no time

Technology is rarely what’s lacking when it comes to sustainability. You have more options than you realize.

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The tech and services industry is not prepared for sustainability

Sustainability literacy needs to develop at all levels in organizations and on both sides of the tech and services contract.

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Tech, media, and telecom must be a springboard for sustainability

TMT must solve its sustainability challenges and embed its learning in the solutions that will govern global sustainability.

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Localization of service delivery takes center stage for BFS firms

BFS firms are leading the charge for onshore delivery as localization becomes the new normal for strategic initiatives.

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Make sustainability about outcomes and global context

It’s code red, but in climate terms, we knew that. Business and political leaders must change their approach to sustainability.

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The technology and business services industry is far from reaching gender equality

There are no good reasons or excuses left. It’s time to call out diversity as company-wide priority and make it non-negotiable.

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Sustainability relies on combining partner ecosystems with technology and services

Enterprises and providers must combine tech, services, and ecosystems to reach net-zero and broader sustainability goals.

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Move on from manual sustainability: integrate carbon accounting and reporting

Sustainability teams have better things to worry about than spreadsheets and manual data gathering.

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Sustainability has broken into the top of enterprise priority lists

Master your data, plan your route to decarbonization, and improve your CSR on all fronts.

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Master your data to excel in sustainability

Become an ecosystem leader by conquering your data, road-mapping toward sustainability goals, and pulling others along.

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Sustainability services: HFS Research will map and define the ecosystem

Our mapping study will provide definition, understanding, and recommendations, for the sustainability services ecosystem

HFS Highlight: Cognizant acquires ESG Mobility to strengthen its digital automotive engineering capability Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: Cognizant acquires ESG Mobility to strengthen its digital automotive engineering

In March 2021, Cognizant agreed to acquire ESG Mobility, a digital automotive engineering R&D provider for connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles. This in

HFS Highlight: KPMG Climate Accounting Infrastructure expands the sustainability proposition Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: KPMG Climate Accounting Infrastructure expands the sustainability proposition

KPMG is moving one step closer to a holistic sustainability services offering with it’s Climate Accounting Infrastructure.

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HFS Highlight: TCS embeds sustainability in the benefits of technology

TCS launches Clever Energy, enterprise-level energy and emission management system.

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HFS Highlight: Google aligns sustainability and cloud benefits

There's a growing ecosystem of services and technology providers making sustainability native internally and for customers.

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Explore seismic shifts in sustainability services for your green recovery

Our previous calls for enterprise leaders and service providers to get ahead of the sustainability services game is now a call to catch up.

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HFS Highlight: Atos turns CSR into sustainability services as the market demands a green recovery from

In early 2020, we predicted that sustainability services would evolve from a fragmented and undefined market towards a thriving ecosystem.

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The BFS sector’s laggards need to stop only seeing uncertainty in sustainable finance—and think about

Succeeding in sustainable finance starts with connecting BFS’ capital experts with the technology experts in enterprises, providers, and policymaking.