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Accenture acquires HRC Retail Advisory to expand retail strategy capability

Helping retailers accelerate their digitalization amid disruption.

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NTT DATA scales product-focused digital transformation

NTT DATA has announced its intent to acquire former HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor Nexient.

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ServiceNow Services 2021

New analysis of providers developing ServiceNow capabilities across innovation, execution, and voice of customer criteria.

Hive brings cloud-enabled AI to the battle against hate speech – and bags $50m in Series D funding Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: Hive brings cloud-enabled AI to the battle against hate speech – and bags $50m in Series

A cloud-enabled AI start-up ,with a crowd-sourced two-million-strong distributed workforce and a timely solution to tackle content moderation in social media, D

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HFS Highlight: TCS Algo Retail™ is well-positioned to deliver exponential value through its Cognitive

Given the unsolved and unanticipated problems across the retail industry caused by the pandemic, TCS offers a cognitive supply chain solution as part of its and

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HFS Highlight: Solink’s new use cases enable work-from-anywhere managers to build better experiences

Solink’s new use cases enable work-from-anywhere managers to build better brick-and-mortar experiences with connected data

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Work-from-anywhere economy drives a huge reliance on customer data platforms

As we begin working-from-anywhere, so we begin consuming from anywhere, adding to the range of data touchpoints and complexity of achieving a 360-degree

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HFS Highlight: Capgemini launches CornerShop to transform the in-store shopping experience

In February 2021, Capgemini, SharpEnd and The Drum launched a new retail innovation store, CornerShop. It's an innovative brick-and-mortar store based out of of

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Marketers need customer data platforms to accelerate to OneOffice success

Customer data platforms (CDPs) meet three urgent needs for marketers to champion a OneOffice mindset. The cloud-based platforms can handle the trend to work and

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HFS Highlight: Wipro signed a large contract with Metro AG to help the client organization on digital-led

This highlight discusses the latest big transformation deal that Wipro has signed with Metro AG.

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Save the food chain, save the world

This PoV looks into a potential solution that employs a combination of IoT and blockchain to solve some of the global food supply chain problems.

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HFS Highlight: Genpact acquires critical e-commerce capability to expand Rightpoint

Genpact's latest acquisition expands its experience capabilities targeted at digital commerce

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Learn how Infosys helped Conagra deploy a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)

Learn how Infosys is driving ServiceNow beyond the sweet spot in ITSM

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Are North American enterprises missing the process intelligence party? Don’t be fashionably late.

Our research found that over half of process intelligence engagements are in Europe, which means North American enterprise could be missing the party!

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HFS Highlight: Infosys acquires Kaleidoscope Innovation to bolster software product design and expertise

Explores the rationale for Infosys' recent acquisition of Kaleidoscope Innovation

Market Analysis

ITMS and BPO Contract Analysis—Q2 2020

This report analyses publicly announced ITMS and BPO contracts in Q2 2020 by region, service types, key verticals, main vendors and digital services.

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Cognizant's appetite for business outcomes in the food services industry

Embracing hyperconnected food services across retail, CPG, hospitality and logistics