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HFS Top 10: Digital Associates Services

This Top 10 report is a refreshed and expanded analysis of service providers developing conversational tools across a defined series of innovation, execution, and voice of customer criteria.

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Birlasoft is unlocking the power of digital through its eight pillars of growth

In December 2020, we attended the Birlasoft analyst and advisor day to know more about its overall strategy, key capabilities, and flagship client engagements among others. Throughout the discussion, Birlasoft unveiled its strategy to fuel the next phase of growth with some interesting examples of client engagements and key solutions.

Hot Vendors

HFS Hot Vendors Q4 2020

We present the HFS Hot Vendors Report for Q4 2020. The HFS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice.

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Infosys aims to lead the cloud battle with the launch of Cobalt

Accelerated by the pandemic, there is a secular shift in cloud adoption. To enable its clients’ cloud-powered enterprise transformations, Infosys has launched Cobalt: a set of cloud-enabled services, solutions, and platforms.

Points of View

Turbocharge your enterprise’s cloudification to survive and thrive the pandemic shock

HFS assessed, the enterprise leader’s investment preferences, the state of hyper-scalers, and the service providers who made the first move on the cloud, there are lots to unpack; let’s discuss

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Daimler has got the timing right to embrace cloud through partnership with Infosys

Understanding the criticality of choosing the right IT service provider as a partner, in combination with its focus on slashing cost, Daimler has partnered with Infosys to implement Hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Points of View

Wake up. Technology success is not about the technology

Join the “superheroes” of technology adoption by focusing on top-level leadership, talent, and your strategic approach toward technology and data.

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