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Stop crowding “points of care” and build “points of life” solutions to impact the triple aim

Social determinants of health are critical to bending the current trajectory of the triple aim with high costs and poor outcomes.

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Health plan survival depends on adopting digital technologies

Core Admin System (CAPS) are way past their expiry but we have AI & cloud to help replace them giddy up health plans!

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Arrest the disruption now—that light you see is not the end of the tunnel

Nevermind the garden variety disruption, but disruptive innovation is what will take you out if you are not paying attention.

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WNS’ PRECIZON has life sciences-specific competitive intel in its crosshairs

Competitive intelligence platform that focuses on the life sciences could be worth its weight in gold if used smartly.

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Make decentralization your friend; let consumers take control of their health data

Ransomware attacks on healthcare is rampant; regulations and enterprise capabilities are insufficient. So consumers to own data.

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HGS divests its healthcare business to make space to accelerate growth

HGS healthcare bold divestiture will allow it to focus its attention on its consumer experience (CX) and digital services.

Industry Primer

HFS Healthcare Industry Primer 2021

A comprehensive view of global healthcare industry trends and their impact on IT and BPS and technology change agents.

Market Analysis

HFS OneOffice™ Pulse, H1 2021: Summary of key findings for healthcare services

HFS OneOffice Pulse in healthcare focuses on demand changes we anticipate for technology and business services.

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Healthcare must blow up its organizational silos to thrive in a post-pandemic world

The time is now to replace analog work methods with the OneOffice mindset & work culture.

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Busted! It’s a myth that healthcare industry is a laggard in emerging technology adoption

Healthcare has long been considered a technology laggard, however it has emerged a leader in the adoption of emerging tech.

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Enable cloud-native and AI-powered healthcare digital platforms to manage rising costs, risks & demand

HFS Research, with Infosys, surveyed 100 CXOs at US health plans to evaluate the fit for a “healthcare digital platform.

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Health consumers want digital: It’s time for health plans to deliver

HFS Research and Cognizant partnered to develop insights in to health-plan members' use of digital in their interactions.

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Set structure and get business-wide buy-in to achieve value at scale with automation

Health services company Cigna is setting the pace for automation use at a strategic scale.

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Pfizer’s vaccine proves the Power of Emerging Tech when the Burning Platform is Red Hot

Emerging tech Pfizer brought together to win the COVID-19 vaccine race should be a wake-up call for every healthcare organization.

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NTT DATA’s Nucleus for Healthcare's psychographics drive to personalized care

Using psychographic data to construct a usable 360 degree view of the health consumer.

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Ignore the digital health semantics, and focus on the outcomes

A digital health framework that helps organize our thinking about this vast market segment.

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Leverage material increase in healthcare technology spend to improve Triple Aim

Expectations for material increase in healthcare IT budgets and emerging tech investments should translate to Triple Aim wins.

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To react to disruption rapidly, build a foundation of customer-centric experience design

How Premier set up a unique digital customer experience that came to the rescue in a crisis

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Digitization, Health Outcomes, and Sustainability will drive Life Sciences future

HFS is pleased to announce the launch of a seminal study that will evaluate the role and evolution of service providers and their value to life sciences This is

HFS Highlight: Optum’s IT Performance Services seek to address health plan and provider’s need to accelerate emerging tech adoption and enhance cybersecurity Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: Optum’s IT Performance Services seek to address health plan and provider’s need to and

A review of Optum's new managed services offering exclusively for the healthcare industry.

HFS Highlight: IBM strengthens its Salesforce services value proposition in hot growth markets with the acquisition of Waeg Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: IBM strengthens its Salesforce services value proposition in hot growth markets with the

IBM acquires second Salesforce Platinum partner in 2021 to increase its value proposition in this competitive market

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Act Now—Before Climate Change Destroys Healthcare

Climate change and healthcare's Triple Aim of improving outcomes, reducing costs, and improving experiences impact each other.

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Drive Healthcare Customer Experience with a OneOffice Mindset

Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana’s digital transformation roadmap in partnership with Capgemini

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IBM Blockchain Fuels State of New York’s Covid Health Pass

Digital health certificates could serve as a route out of the Covid-19 restrictions, and blockchain could be the technology to underpin them.

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HFS Highlight: Firstsource’s newest partnerships target the patient experience for healthcare clients

Firstsource recently announced new partnerships with Zappix and Uniphore to target the healthcare

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HFS Highlight: Leverage Emerging Technologies to Shift the Focus of Healthcare from Illness to Wellness

As improving patient experience remains at the heart of healthcare transformation, we recently caught up with Frank Gulitz, the CIO of Switzerland-based startup

Top 10 Report

HFS Top 10 Healthcare Sector Service Providers 2020

The HFS Top 10 healthcare services report examines the role service providers play in the dynamic healthcare industry. We assessed and rated the service of 18 a

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Nowhere to Hide: Embracing the Most Seismic Technological and Business Change in our Lifetime

400 Global 2000 executives share their views on protecting, adapting, and digitizing their businesses in the new reality

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HFS Highlight: Capgemini developed a series of smart healthcare offerings to address the sector’s pain

In this report, we focus on how Capgemini’s emerging and smart healthcare practice is launching new services to address the current healthcare market.

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Are North American enterprises missing the process intelligence party? Don’t be fashionably late.

Our research found that over half of process intelligence engagements are in Europe, which means North American enterprise could be missing the party!

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HFS Highlight: Infosys acquires Kaleidoscope Innovation to bolster software product design and expertise

Explores the rationale for Infosys' recent acquisition of Kaleidoscope Innovation

Market Analysis

ITMS and BPO Contract Analysis—Q2 2020

This report analyses publicly announced ITMS and BPO contracts in Q2 2020 by region, service types, key verticals, main vendors and digital services.

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HFS Highlight: Atos and Siemens develop “Process Digital Twin” solution for the pharmaceutical

This report describes the “Process Digital Twin” solution developed by Atos and Siemens.

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Healthcare ecosystems must rally around proven partners during COVID-19 to prepare for the aftermath, and

Providers are positioning themselves as central points for the COVID-19 response; collaborating now will prepare your ecosystems for future challenges

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Big Pharma Must Invest in Distributed Ledger Technologies to Secure Their Supply Chains

A look at how a few companies have used distributed ledger technology to power better secure distribution practices.

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Life sciences third-party service providers, support your clients by driving meaningful as usual”

As digitization sweeps every industry in the new age of hyper-convenient, customer-centric models, the healthcare and life science communities must prepare to

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Leverage IoT to bring humanity back to healthcare

With the advent of IoT, some of its applications have the potential to bring a sea change across all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

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Care providers must blend digital and data with user-centric design as the population ages

As life expectancy and demand for social care grows, care providers must reinvent their ecosystems to adopt digital in a user-centric approach.

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Pharma firms must look to Cognizant’s growing capabilities as it invests in IOT and life sciences

Cognizant's recent acquisition of Zenith Technologies boosts it's capabilities in Pharma, but also in IoT.

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Medopad and Babylon Health: Start-ups Help Patients Become Smarter and More Forward-Looking with Their

We look at two start-ups transforming how healthcare is approached to boost outcomes and support providers’ operational and delivery models.

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Moving beyond the numbers in healthcare to drive and measure change

While metrics are important, outcomes can’t just be measured in numbers if you want to effect real change.