HfS’ mission is to provide visionary insight into the major innovations impacting business operations: automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models and smart analytics.


We focus on the future of operations across key industries. We influence the strategies of enterprise customers to develop operational backbones to stay competitive and partner with capable services providers, technology suppliers, and third party advisors.


HfS is the changing face of the analyst industry combining knowledge with impact:


  • ThinkTank model to collaborate with enterprise customers and other industry stakeholders
  • 3000 enterprise customer interviews annually across the Global 2000
  • A highly experienced analyst team
  • Unrivaled industry summits
  • Comprehensive data products on the future of operations and IT services across industries
  • A growing readership of over one million annually


The "As-a-Service Economy" and "OneOffice™“ are revolutionizing the industry.