Tom Reuner

Tom Reuner is Senior Vice President, IT Services at HFS. Tom is responsible for driving the HFS research agenda for IT Services including the change agents of Intelligent Automation and AI. A central theme of his research is the increasing link between technological evolution and evolution in the delivery of business processes. In particular, he will focus on the Future of Work and the testing of innovation.

Prior to HfS, Tom worked as Head of Strategy at Arago. His deep understanding of the market dynamics comes from having held senior positions at analyst firms including Gartner, IDC and Ovum where his responsibilities ranged from research and consulting to business development.

Tom has a PhD in History from the University of Göttingen in Germany. He lives in London with his wife and in his spare time he works on improving his culinary skills to distract him from the straining experience of being a Spurs supporter.

Content By Tom Reuner

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HFS Highlight: HCL's DRYiCE software progresses toward the OneOffice

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing all organizations to take a much more honest and realistic re-evaluation of their progress with digital transformation as well as of establishing digital workforces. Incremental progress is just not good enough anymore. To safeguard service...

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HFS Highlight: Another Monday, another RPA acquisition, another ISV – Hyland shows it’s moving from process streamlining to automating

If you’re not one of the big three RPA software firms (Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath) it’s tough to differentiate and justify your existence. That’s not to suggest that RPA software lacks value, but we only need so many firms...

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HFS Highlight: With the pandemic economy being defined by the cloud, Wipro adds European muscle to its Salesforce capabilities with 4C acquisition

The battle for adding cloud talent to deliver services around the leading SaaS solutions continues unabated in this pandemic economy. If anything, the pace for acquisitions appears to be accelerating, especially in areas like Salesforce services, where enterprises are polarizing...

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