HFS Webinar: Process automation myth busting 2020. The low down on process debt, digital natives, and automation in the cloud!

Time for some automation myth busting – 2020 version. Process automation, especially in its most currently identifiable form of robotic process automation (RPA), has been the poster child for business-led digital transformation over the past few years. Business operations and line of business leaders have embraced process automation as a means to help them address years of built up process debt. But guess what, process debt is not unique to the business. It also, gasp, exists within digital natives.

Listen to this 2020 edition of HFS process automation myth busting. We’ll share our latest and greatest HFS insights and illustrate the points with an enterprise spotlight of a little firm called Google and how they’ve been making use of low code/no code BPM and more recently RPA from their partner Pegasystems on the Google Cloud Platform. We’ll swirl this all together with tales from the trenches from one of the most experienced RPA leaders in the business. Myth chestnuts to be roasted over an open fire include:

  • RPA alone can drive digital transformation
  • Process debt is unique to business operations
  • Digital natives live in happy vacuums with no legacy systems
  • Process automation is stuck on-prem


  • Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President, HFS Research


  • Edward Dinh, Program Manager, Google
  • Francis Carden, VP, Digital Automation and Robotics, Pegasystems
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