HFS is the second most influential analyst firm

According to the Analyst Value Survey from the University of Edinburgh

The Analyst Value Survey is the only public survey into how thousands of professionals value analyst firms 100 or so analyst firms.

Since our founding more than a decade ago, HFS has done well in these kinds of surveys.

In 2021, we kept our momentum up by placing second in three critical areas.

Thank you to the enterprises that mentioned us in their surveys.

We can’t wait for 2022.

“The virtual economy is really leveling the research playing-field…it’s all about ease of access, relevance, and analysts who don’t get put in narrow boxes and miss the big picture. Plus analysts having phenomenal networks to reach the people who matter.”

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research
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Significant influence on enterprise customers

When enterprise customers were asked which analysts had the most influence, 40% named HFS.

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Nearly two-thirds of enterprise customers mention HFS

When asked about analyst firms that come to mind, 65% of enterprise customers mentioned HFS.

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Second-most subscribed firm

When asked which analyst firms they subscribe to, 41% of enterprise customers said they subscribe to HFS.

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