About HfS Research

HfS’ mission is to provide visionary insight into the major innovations impacting business operations: automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models and smart analytics. Read more.

Analyst Inquiry

Clients of HfS Research are entitled to a number of analyst inquiry calls. Get the most from your HfS subscription by speaking directly to our analyst(s) and learning how to leverage our research for your business. Schedule an inquiry

Blueprint or Vendor Briefings

Clients of HfS Research can request a call for the following:

  • to brief our analyst(s) when introducing a new product, a product update, changing a business model or forming a partnership, merger, or acquisition.
  • to have a Blueprint RFI call or a briefing. Schedule a briefing

Vendor briefings

If you are a company looking to brief the HfS analysts on your product(s), service(s), business model, or a partnership/merger/acquisition, please carefully read the information on this page.


If you are looking for support and getting in touch with someone from HfS, please click the chat button to the bottom right of your screen to start a conversation with a member of our team. This is the quickest way for us to help you out. If you don’t receive an answer straight away, simply leave your email address and we will be in touch. Of course, you can always email us at [email protected].

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