Defining Hyperconnected Future States

The HFS mission is to provide visionary insight into the major innovations impacting business operations including: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Digital Business Models and Smart Analytics.

With our team’s expert knowledge and pointed industry insight, HFS is furthering the outcomes and aims of the analyst industry. Our Analyst 2.0 model is driven by:

» The HFS ThinkTank model, fostering collaboration with industry stakeholders

» Three-thousand enterprise interviews conducted annually across the Global 2000

» A highly experienced analyst team

» Unrivalled industry gatherings

» Comprehensive data offerings on the future of operations and IT services

» An annual readership of over 2 million, which grows every year


A brief history of HFS Research


Defining Business Operations in the Next Decade

As HFS celebrates its 10th birthday anniversary, you can be sure of many more unfiltered Points of View as we continue our mission to combine knowledge with impact to help businesses around the world navigate themselves in a hyperconnected future state.


HFS Introduces the Hyperconnected Future State

The launch of our 2019 Research Agenda detailed the coming year’s research coverage and services in detail, and explored what lies beyond the OneOffice. HFS predicted that converging organizational silos and developing ecosystems would result in  the “Hyperconnected Enterprise”, pointing to the emergence of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) as catalysts to a vision of a shared economy with distributed and trustworthy information a reality.


HFS Launches: Roundtables | HFS Academy | Top 10 Reports | Hot Vendors

This was the year HFS showed its true disruptive capabilities, bringing a slew of innovative product and services to the market in rapid fashion. Community building, unfettered viewpoints, next generation talent development and the signposting of emerging technology made this our most impactful year to date.


HFS Launches the “Digital OneOffice”

Fast forward to May 2016 and we confidently announced that the back office was dead, supported by more seminal in-depth analyses on Intelligent Operations, a study of 371 major enterprises from the Global 2000.


HFS Launches the “Triple-A-Trifecta”

August 2017 was the date when HFS introduced the “Triple A Trifecta” of Robotic Automation, Smart Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, in order to provide the business community with a clear and crisp articulation of the emerging change agents for clients to optimize, renovate, or transform their business operations. Significantly, the Trifecta was positioned in a client-context as opposed to simply describing technology capability. Simply put, this was a game-changer.


HFS Unveils the “As-a-Service Economy”

HFS Blueprint Reports Launched

In March 2014 HFS launched its first ever Blueprint Report (on the subject of Finance & Accounting in BPO), the revolutionary crowdsourced methodology for evaluating business and IT service providers.  This provided a genuine way to assess services providers that wasn’t reliant on the arbitrary viewpoint of a single analyst, and credible methodology to gauge the performance of service providers against “real” innovation and execution capabilities. The concept was soon copied by other analyst firms including Gartner.

In October the same year, we introduced the ‘As-a-Service Economy to the world, sharing the founding ten key tenets of this emerging economy model.


HFS Introduces RPA to the industry

In November 2012, Phil Fersht wrote a blog entitled ‘Greetings from Robotistan, outsourcing’s cheapest new destination‘, which effectively introduced both robotic process automation (RPA) and Blue Prism to the outsourcing world. The HFS study of robotic automation published the month before became the seminal report on the subject globally. The rest, as they say, is history.



HFS Research was Founded

Following the runaway success of his ‘Horses for Sources’ blog with over 450,000 annual views, Phil Fersht formally incorporates HFS Research with the aim to disrupt the Analyst market by providing a unique, unfettered voice that drives impactful insights for the evolving business market.

The Journey Continues

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Our research provides enterprise clients, service buyers and other industry stakeholders the tools to navigate the complex IT and business services market. Based on industry research and data sets, our analysts deliver invaluable insights with several types of reports across a range of industries, functions and change agents...

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