Product Selector Tools

The HFS Product Selector supports enterprises in their journey to procure to a particular product such as the RPA tool.

It does this by allowing you to tailor the relative importance of key business requirements and based on your selections, recommend the top products that best suit your needs.

These tools leverage data from hundreds of super users across the leading products within a category. Distilling this data into accurate recommendations which are as close to your needs as possible based on the actual real-life experiences within the software.

When this level of insight is available to you, why risk jumping into a new product that may not fully meet your business needs?

In order to access these tools, you will first need to download and install the Tableau Reader. Do that by clicking here.

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RPA Product Selector

Which RPA product is right for your business?
Let the HFS RPA Product Selector help find the best match

In order to facutally demonstrate what RPA is capable of, HFS has developed a comprehensive RPA case study treasury. It includes ~150 searchable and filterable case studies across various process area, industries, and geographies. The case studies all include the client’s stated business problem (why automate), solution description (how did you do it) and resultant benefits achieved (what did you achieve) providing a realistic view on the benefits of RPA and removing the hype and assumptions.

Simple to use yet powerful!

Download The Tool

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The RPA Product Selector allows users to choose the relative importance of 35+ RPA product assessment dimensions.

Based on the selected criteria, it recommends the top 5 RPA products that best suit the customized requirements.

Enterprises adopting RPA are struggling to solve challenges around the process, change, talent, training, infrastructure, security, and governance. RPA success starts with the selection of the right RPA tool that fits your requirements. And this is exactly why we built the HFS RPA Product Selector.

Using data from 359 super users of RPA (enterprises, advisors, and service providers) across 10 leading RPA products (Antworks, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Kofax, Kryon, Nice, Pega, Thoughtonomy, UiPath, and Workfusion), the recommendations suggested are based on real life scenarios where other enterprises have had successful outcomes.

Additional helpful tools and reports

A useful companion to the HFS Product Selector tool is our Top 10 RPA Products report,
where you can find detailed product profiles including strengths and weaknesses of the products assessed.

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