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SaaS Services Success Requires a Different Approach

Jul 27, 2016 Khalda De Souza

​As enterprises adopt SaaS applications to manage processes, including HR, CRM and finance functions, service providers have opportunities to ramp up their corresponding service offerings. SaaS applications however differ from on premise applications in many ways, and require a different approach to IT services and outsourcing for clients to get the maximum benefits from deployments.


Service providers who have been in the IT services business for decades actually have more challenges than younger providers, as the former have to adapt to the new client service requirements. Service providers are investing in hiring, training and retention programs, to ensure that they attract and keep the best talent in the market. Consultants also need to reorient their skills to meet the emerging new demands.


This PoV outlines some of these changes taking place, for service providers and buyers and the changing role of consultants as they support SaaS applications deployments.​

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