HFS Research Agenda 2020

Introducing our research theme for 2020: “Adapting to the paradigm shock “

2020 is likely to be the most disruptive period we will experience in our lifetimes, and as a result, we are going to feel the effects of the pandemic for at least 12-18 months. There will be incredible opportunities for some, others will survive, some will struggle to pivot, and some will cease to exist.

We will emerge with a whole new wave of digitally-agile, data-savvy, and super energized businesses that do not rely on the legacy infrastructures of old. The market will (eventually) thrive once again, so we must unleash our passion, creativity, and energy to avoid wasting a real crisis!

HFS has designed its 2020 research agenda to partner with our clients to interpret IT and business operations and the emerging technology landscape. Our team is dedicated to inspire and help our clients successfully adapt to paradigm shock.

2020 Research Agenda

Ten Years After, Ten Years Onwards…

Download the 2020 HFS Research Agenda

The Agenda Covers:

  • HFS 2020 Research Themes
  • HFS Top 10 Reports and Market Analyses
  • HFS Research Coverage Areas
  • HFS 2.0 Services – At a Glance

In a complex and hype-filled market,
sometimes you need a little clarity.

To help out, HFS has built a set of definitions to get you on your way to defining your business operations in the next decade.

Download the 2020 HFS Research Definitions