The HFS Videocasts Archive

How Cloud Impacts Strategies Around People, Process, Culture, and Technology

In this HFS Videocast, Joel Martin, Research Leader at HFS talks with Mike Healy, Managing Partner at IBM Consulting about the broad impacts of Cloud.

Seven lessons that have shaped today’s automation leaders

In this HFS Videocast, David Cushman & Phil Fersht of HFS connect with Terry Walby, CEO of Blue Prism Ventures, to discuss a new research report produced by HFS

IBM x Celonis: Accelerating toward intelligent business execution together

Reetika Fleming from HFS talks with Nicole Gallant from Celonis and Scott Layton from IBM about how the two firms are collaborating.

Enough with the guesswork: Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Designing Business Processes

Reetika Fleming from HFS discuss with Yaron Bialy from NICE and Martijn Zuiderbaan from PAteam about data-driven approach to designing business processes.

The Shero Diaries with Tandra Jackson

Our featured shero in this episode is Tandra Jackson, Vice Chair of Growth and Strategy at KPMG LLP.

HFS OneOffice Services Top 10 on People and Process Change

On this HFS Videocast, we talk to Saurabh Gupta and Sarah Little about HFS OneOffice Services Top 10 on People and Process Change.

The Shero Diaries with Diana Benli

Our featured shero Diana Benli is Chief Product Officer for TriZetto® Healthcare Products at Cognizant.

The Shero Diaries with Julie Knight-Ludvigson

Our featured shero Julie Knight-Ludvigson is Chief Marketing Officer at Unit4.

All about the HFS Pulse Dashboard

Our CMO talks with Saurabh Gupta, President of Research and Advisory Services, on the HFS Pulse Dashboard.

A perspective on low code accelerating digital

Today's topic focuses on "Low Code." Our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) talks with Joel Martin, Research Leader and co-author of an interesting research.

The Shero Diaries with Irene Veldstra

Our featured shero in this episode is Irene Veldstra, VP Head of Large Deals at Atos.

The Shero Diaries with Kunal Dayal Jesrani

Our featured shero Kunal Dayal Jesrani is Senior Vice President, leading Operations Support for the Business Process Services (BPS) portfolio at Tech Mahindra.

The Shero Diaries with Kathryn Payne

Kathryn has recently retired from Reach Enterprises, Inc., an independent consulting firm she started when she was 35.

The Shero Diaries with Holly Cooper

Our featured shero is Holly Cooper, General Manager of Public Safety and Curbside Management at Conduent.

HFS Energy Services Top 10, 2021

On this HFS Videocast, we talk with one of the authors of the HFS Energy Services Top 10, 2021, Practice Leader Josh Matthews.

The Shero Diaries with Apurva Purohit

Our featured shero in this podcast Apurva Purohit, an Indian businesswoman with over three decades of experience building and scaling businesses.

Fireside Chat between Phil Fersht and Ajay S. Bhutoria

On this special Fireside Chat, HFS CEO Phil Fersht talks with Ajay S. Bhutoria, the CEO and MD of Zensar Technologies.

HFS OneOffice Services Top 10: Data and Decisions

On this HFS Videocast, we talk with two of the analysts behind the HFS OneOffice Services Top 10 on Data and Decisions, which was just released.

Unfiltered Stories: AI in Healthcare

On this edition of Unfiltered Stories, Rohan Kulkarni, Healthcare Practice Leader at HFS, looks at AI in Healthcare with Nikhil Mendhi, COO at Exponential AI.

Fireside Chat with Phil Fersht and CP Gurnani

This special HFS Videocast features a Fireside Chat between HFS CEO Phil Fersht and CP Gurnani, Managing Director and CEO of Tech Mahindra.

Hot Vendor Firesides: David Cushman in conversation with Rakesh Mittal of Newt Global

Newt Global board member and partner Rakesh Mittal is the latest to pull up a chair for our Hot Vendor Firesides.

Unfiltered Stories: ERP as a Platform

Joel Martin of HFS talks with Dmitri Krakovsky, Chief Product Officer of Unit4 about ERP as a Platform.

Unfiltered Stories: Melissa O’Brien talks with Rolando Salinas and John Maczynski

Melissa O'Brien of HFS, Rolando Salinas of Arbonne, and John Maczynski of CXperts discuss aligning employee and customer experience.

The Shero Diaries with Sheila Curr

Our featured shero in this podcast Sheila Curr, Global Head of Commercial Healthcare at Conduent.

Unfiltered Stories: Rohan Kulkarni talks with Steve Ambrose

Healthcare is the only industry where health consumers are always buying blind. They have no idea what a visit to the doctor or the medications they are or the

HFS Meet The Team: Steve Koutros

It’s time to meet Steve Koutros, Practice Leader for Research-based Sourcing Advisory services.

The Shero Diaries with Mary Adams

Mary Adams has 25+ years of experience as a business management consultant at Capgemini with expertise in the oil and gas industry, enterprise resource service

Unfiltered Stories: No-Code-Low-Code in Healthcare

US healthcare spends close to $4Trillion annually, or ~20% of GDP. Yet we are becoming sicker and living fewer years on average, even before the pandemic

Hot Vendor Firesides: Erik Lien of RPA Supervisor

This episode features Erik Lien, Founder and CEO of HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor RPA Supervisor.

The Shero Diaries with Roni Michael

Roni is currently a partner in KPMG Israel.

The Shero Diaries with Riju Vashisht

Riju Vashisht serves as Genpact’s Chief Transformation Officer responsible the company’s overall integrated transformation services.

HFS Meet The Team - Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz

Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz is a Practice Leader at HFS, based in London, UK. With over 16 years of professional experience, Ralph has helped a wide range of improve

Unfiltered Stories: Health-consumer friendly payment solutions

In the US when most cannot afford $400 when posed with an emergency medical bill, how do they afford to pay the out-of-pocket expense?

The Shero Diaries with Pooja Herwadkar

Pooja Herwadkar is VP, Head of Group Industrialization & Automation. She has been with Capgemini for more than 18 years and has experience across many industry

Unfiltered Stories: Energy Industry – Now and Beyond

One of the things that has taken center stage since the global pandemic and changed our lives is the power of innovation and technology.

Unfiltered Stories: HealthCare Industry - Now and Beyond

If there is one industry that has taken center stage since the global pandemic changed our lives, it is the healthcare industry. And in this podcast we put the

The Shero Diaries with Marie Myers

Our featured shero in this podcast Marie Myers, CFO for HP Inc.

The Shero Diaries with Stacy Simpson

Our featured shero in this podcast is Stacy Simpson.

The Shero Diaries with Anita Mahon

Our featured shero in this podcast is Anita Mahon.

The Shero Diaries with Allison Sagraves

Our featured shero in this podcast Allison Sagraves, Senior Vice President at M&T Bank.

The Shero Diaries with Eva Sage Gavin

As a Senior Managing Director in Accenture’s Talent & Organization/ Human Potential practice, Eva Sage-Gavin helps clients harness digital technologies and to

Native Automation with Phil Fersht and IBM guests

In this HFS podcast, HFS CEO and Chief Analyst, Phil Fersht discusses "Native Automation" with two IBM executives.

Is the pandemic the burning platform for automation?

Our host, Reetika Fleming is joined by the author of the study, Elena Christopher, IBM automation software leader, Ed Lynch as well as one of the study’s Andy

The COVID Vaccine Challenge

In this episode, Iain Mackay, CFO of GSK, provides a brief update as to where the pharmaceutical giant is in developing a vaccine.

A Hitchhikers Guide to "Cloud Native"

The Hitchhikers guide to "Cloud Native" provides a rich discussion on where clients really are on their cloud journey.

Phil Fersht in conversation with Mihir Shukla

This episode of HFS UNFILTERED is a conversation between two automation visionaries, Phil Fersht and Mihir Shukla.

Connecting the blocks: The future of enterprise blockchain

In this episode of HFS UNFILTERED, host Steve Dunkerley is joined by HFS Chief Research Officer, Saurabh Gupta to explore the latest developments in enterprise