Cultivating an Enterprise-Wide Automation Mindset to Achieve Intelligent Automation Success

January 24, 2019

February 21, 2019 | 11 AM ET



Intelligent automation (IA) is not just new technology – it enables enterprises to fundamentally change how business operations are executed – creating new ways of working and enabling new business models and value. While many enterprises have caught on to the exponential opportunity of IA, execution is often linear and very siloed. Many enterprises fall into the trap of treating IA as a series of disparate technology projects rather than as a transformation opportunity, which can lead to the scale challenges plaguing the marketplace. What can unlock the transformation potential of IA?


Numerous enterprises engaged in their IA journeys have shared with us that a multi-faceted change management program is a critical ingredient for success. Change management applies to areas such as technology, talent, organization, leadership, and culture and helps unlock exponential outcomes through the development of an automation mindset. An automation mindset, the broad acceptance and application of automation throughout business operations, reflects enterprises with hybrid digital and human workforces operating at scale.


A company in our research that is striving to prioritize change management and cultivate an automation mindset to unlock the power of automation is Gilead Sciences, an American biotech company. Together with their partner Agilify, HFS spotlights Gilead’s automation journey with an emphasis on the facets of change management it has prioritized in order to achieve results. Spoiler alert – Gilead is not an early adopter but they are a fast and very astute follower.


Attend and learn:


  1. Why change management matters
  2. How to cultivate an automation mindset that permeates your corporate culture
  3. Why technical and business education is critical
  4. Best practices for scaling at speed




  • Elena Christopher, Research Vice President, HFS
  • James Sheehy. Director Business Process Optimization, Intelligent Automation and Delivery, Gilead Sciences
  • Scott Teeple, Chief Technology Officer, Agilify