The Evolution of Global Business Services (Webinar)

September 30, 2011

In today’s business environment, nine out of every ten enterprises have shared services and 97% manage outsourcing engagements, however, the majority of them have yet to gain from combining shared services and outsourcing into one integrated Global Business Services model. A well-executed Global Business Services strategy is distinctly different from the narrower focuses of shared services and outsourcing strategies as it identifies corporate objectives and encourages internal functional silos to collaborate with each other and third party service providers to create breakthrough, strategic operational capabilities that drive business outcomes.  The results can differentiate a company.
Hear from HfS’ Phil Fersht and Tony Filippone, and PwC’s Charlie Aird and Nick Atkin as they outline the fundamentals of Global Business Services. You can listen the the playback of the recording by clicking here, in addition to downloading the slides.

 This webinar replay is available on request. Reach out to us to get access.