HFS Live: After Groundhog Day, we’ll see a New Dawn for Bold Enterprises – let’s grasp it!

October 9, 2020

OCTOBER 9 2020 |[10:30] AM ET | [3:30] PM UK

When the fog clears in the coming weeks, we are faced with rebuilding workforces, rethinking failed political ideals,  revamping education and healthcare systems,  re-energizing ourselves, our families, our attitudes towards diversity, our health, how we work… and so much more.  While we are all weary of living a real-life Groundhog Day, we have to stay focused, motivated, healthy and prepared to be ready for a new era what is approaching which will represent the biggest reset in modern history.

There is no place to hide anymore. We are the dawn of a Hyperconnected Economy with the advent of connected global talent and the infinite possibilities of processes and data running in the cloud. The HFS 2025 Vision represents the north star for bold enterprises who want to design their organizations to thrive in this new era and not meet a painful, boring, and irrelevant death.

Watch the replay of this HFS Live purely unfiltered, unsponsored real talk with real industry leaders to help us unravel the emerging landscape:

Host: Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS
Traci Gusher, Leader AI and Enterprise Innovation KPMG;
Chirag Mehta, Product Leader Google Cloud;
Jesus Mantas Chief Strategy Officer GBS, IBM;
Malcolm Frank, President of Digital Business, Cognizant;
Mike Small CEO of Americas,Sitel;