HFS Webinar: The Race to Cloud post the Pandemic Shock – Why it Matters and How to Win

November 10, 2020

Before the pandemic punched the corporate world right between its eyes, there was no burning need to make the courageous leap to a fully digital organization. Many organizations made efforts to understand the impact of digital business models and the hyper-scale cloud, but they could not effect internal cultural change to fully exploit these technologies. Overnight, COVID-19 flipped the decades-old corporate mindset of resisting change to one of advocating change.

Cloud has emerged as the growth platform to survive and thrive in the new reality. According to our latest study conducted in collaboration with KPMG, 56% of the 900 executives surveyed across the Global 2000 organizations agree that cloud migration becomes an absolute necessity post-Covid-19. Hybrid Cloud is at the heart of discussions today. It has become essential for future survival.

Listen to this virtual fireside chat to debate the Why, What, and How of Cloudification:

  • The “Why.” What’s behind the Cloud rebound? The value proposition and the business case
  • The “What.” What is an effective Cloud strategy? What is the required pace of change? The convergence of the Triple-A Trifecta (automation, AI, Analytics) and Cloud and the shift to hybrid Cloud, containerization, microservices, and everything as a service
  • The “How.” How do you balance the need for accelerating Cloud initiatives with a recessionary economy where funds are hard to find? Solving for talent, culture, commitment, compliance, data, and risk perception


  • Todd Lohr, Principal, KPMG
  • Gary Plotkin, Principal. KPMG
  • Ken Crosby, Global Account Director, Google Cloud
  • Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer, HFS Research