HfS Webinar: Business Process Re-Imagination in the Cognitive Era

July 11, 2016

Applying cognitive computing to business operations, transforming front to back office


Ambitious business leaders are reinventing their enterprises digitally with creative strategies, products and customer experiences. Emerging cognitive solutions have the ability to impact business processes in entirely new ways through autonomous decision making and insightful human engagement. However, many business leaders still view cognitive computing as tomorrow’s potential, not necessarily today’s.


In this webinar, experts from HfS Research, IBM, and Waterfund discuss how cognitive platform based solutions and a design-thinking led approach allow for delivering a personalized, end-to-end frictionless experience.


Watch and learn:

  • Getting real with Cognitive. Real enterprise case examples of cognitive solutions that transform the way Finance, HR and Procurement services operate
  • How cognitive capabilities and solutions are enhancing IBM clients’ BPO services
  • The role of service delivery to achieve the Intelligent OneOffice
  • How the next generation of Service Delivery can bring about a frictionless front to back office transformation