HfS Webinar: Becoming an Intelligent OneOffice

August 9, 2016

“Three quarters of business leaders agree that digital is changing the way businesses need to be managed”

– HfS / Cognizant Study 


The rise of the As-a-Service Economy is rapidly evolving and emerging solutions, such as Automation, Analytics and Digital technologies are providing a catalyst for enterprises to adopt intelligent and adaptive operating models in a radically different way.  


Coupled with a customer-first approach, organizations need to rethink and redesign operating models to support this convergence toward intelligent operations. 


In this webinar, experts from HfS Research, Cognizant, Warner Bros., and CoreLogic discussed the impact of aligning back, middle and front office approaches – resulting in new operating models that are increasingly “born digital,” data rich, and outcome-based, in support of the business to which the strategies align.  


Wach this webinar replay and learn:

  • How end-to-end processes need to bring together customer experience with operational agility
  • Understanding the disjoint between upper management “vision” and middle managers’ trepidation with “how to get there”
  • How an outside-In approach can drive a “middle office first” strategy to fix the digital/operations divide.