HfS Webinar: Enabling the first truly Digital Olympic Games

September 5, 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games staked its place in modern Olympic Games history, as it became the first Summer Olympic Games where content available on digital platforms was double that aired on television. 


Atos – the Worldwide IT Partner and lead integrator of the Olympic and Paralympic Games –led the International Olympic Committee’s technology effort to enable Games results and other data to be shared securely both online and through traditional means faster, to any platform, anywhere. 


Experts from HfS Research, Atos and Rio2016 will discuss what infrastructure and support where needed to enable the explosion in digital consumption of the 2016 Olympic Games. 


Watch this webinar replay and learn:

  • Best practices of putting on a global scale digital enterprise – this was the Olympics, but it could equally apply to a product launch 
  • A discussion of the security underpinnings and enterprise systems and adjacencies 
  • Lessons learned and where will be in 2 years for the next Winter Olympics? 
  • What is the next 4 year Olympics going to look like in terms of data flows and digital and security underpinnings?