HFS Webinar: Going native. A no BS conversation about cloud, automation, data, and change.

February 25, 2021

What do cloud native, scaled automation, and real-time data all have in common? They are amazing ideas that don’t actually exist. Or at least not broadly. Even if you’re a digital native who may have achieved some modicum of digital operations internally, you do not exist in a vacuum. Your ecosystem of customers, partners, employees, acquisitions etc. all serve to remind you that making emerging digital technologies native elements of how business runs takes a lot more than simply having the technology. It takes a fundamental mindset shift that most enterprises have not undertaken – often in large part due to their comfortable existence with legacy tech and related legacy silos.

Listen as HFS’ Phil, Elena, and Joel enjoy a lively discussion with the only other mofo in the market as honest as we are, Jamie Dobson, the CEO of Container Solutions. Together they verbally dissect where we went wrong and what needs to happen to make cloud, automation, and data native. Not to be missed discussion points included:

• WTF is cloud native?
• How does automation fit into the native conversation?
• Why does progress start and stop with data?
• What does progress look like?
• How can we stop addressing the symptoms and tackle the root problem(s)?

• Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research

• Jamie Dobson, CEO, Container Solutions
• Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President, HFS Research
• Joel Martin, Vice President, HFS Research