HfS Webinar July 20

July 8, 2016

The State of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust 2016


Cyber threats today take many forms, from “lone wolves” to highly organized teams-for-hire capable of breaching the most sophisticated defense systems to target personal, corporate or state secrets. To keep pace, organizations must re-think the very nature of cybersecurity, embracing a holistic approach where security is an integral part of a business model that includes risk management and the development of digital trust on an ongoing basis.


Experts from HfS Research, Accenture and client organizations will discuss findings from the recent State of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust 2016 research, explore how cybersecurity threats are perceived and managed, and what needs improvement.


  • Participants will learn about:
  • Digital trust, why it is important and how enterprises can establish and maintain it
  • Five gaps in cybersecurity that impact digital trust, and some ideas for addressing them
  • The need for creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization