HFS Webinar: Just what is a “Healthcare Digital Platform,” and why do they matter?

July 30, 2021

Watch the replay:

We see healthcare digital platforms as the integration of applications and emerging technologies to provide a tailored healthcare solution that drives enhanced business outcomes for health plans.  

HFS Research, in partnership with Infosys, surveyed 100 CXOs at health plans across the US and found that reduction of administrative costs, better risk and compliance management, and supporting increasing demand where the top three business objectives that a healthcare digital platform can address. You can read the full study here 

A cloud native, AI powered platform can optimize the admin side expenses of MLR (member loss ratio), reorient costs on the clinical side of MLR, scale up or down depending upon demand and intrinsically mitigate operational risks. 90% of C-level executives believe a digital platform strategy is very important for meeting their business objectives.   

Despite the business imperatives, opportunities across the health plan value chain, and leadership enthusiasm, it has not translated in to on the ground transformation for various reasons. However, there are multiple paths to disrupt legacy health plan economics including a pay-as-you-go model and business-outcome-driven KPIs to drive adoption and acceptance of the healthcare digital platform. 

We will delve into these key themes for how to make healthcare digital platforms a reality today; 

  • What is the value proposition of digital platforms powered by emerging technologies (cloud, AI, process automation) for Healthcare? Why does it make sense to explore it now?  
  • Why then despite urgent business imperatives and leadership support has the adoption of such a platform been slow? 
  • What are the practical approaches to drive its adoption and how do you mitigate the risks? 


  • Melissa O’Brien, Research Leader, HFS  


  • Venky Ananth, SVP & Head of Healthcare, Infosys 
  • Joshua Zalen, VP IT Service Operations, Independent Health
  • Nick Carey-Sheppard, Sr Advisor, Conversational Design, CVS Health 
  • Saurabh Gupta, President Research, HFS Research