HFS Webinar ‘Leadership Live Fireside Chat: Getting More Umph with Humph – How CEO Brian Humphries is Launching Cognizant’s New Era of Growth’

November 20, 2020

Listen to Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries in a direct 1:1 with HFS CEO Phil Fersht

The consumption and delivery of business and technology services is changing dramatically in the pandemic world. What is Cognizant’s strategy to revitalize, survive and thrive in the pandemic economy? Listen to HFS CEO Phil Fersht on this “Leadership Live” fireside chat with Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries ­– to unearth key components of their strategic playbook and navigate a new roadmap that engineers modern businesses – both for Cognizant and its clients.

Central topics discussed are:

  • Continuous modernization and staying relevant to clients
  • Globalization and a localized delivery strategy
  • Targeted M&A
  • Innovative commercial models
  • Continuous learning and reskilling