HfS Webinar: The Role of Contact Center in Omnichannel Strategy

July 28, 2016

Any enterprise that wants to make its customers happy—and keep them—is making the creation of a seamless omnichannel Customer Experience a top priority. Contact centers plays a critical role in customer experience and executing an omnichannel strategy, with the potential to have major impacts on outcomes such as sales and loyalty. 


Executives face the challenge of making the right decisions and investments to impact these business outcomes, while looking beyond the concept of channel interactions to engage with customers in a personalized and consistent way. 


Experts from HfS Research, HGS, Conduit Global, and Teleperformance discuss the role contact center plays in executing on an omnichannel strategy and how that will be changing in the future. 


Watch and Learn: 

  • What is omnichannel? Does it exist? 
  • How are contact center service providers shifting and adapting to the needs of their clients to help execute an omnichannel strategy? 
  • How can enterprises continue to evolve and refine their contact center operations in a rapidly changing omnichannel world?