HfS Webinar: Smart Process Automation in Enterprise Business

May 10, 2016

An Exclusive Webinar from WorkFusion and HfS Research

Smart Process Automation in Enterprise Business

Adding Intelligence to Business Process Automation through Machine Learning


Global businesses must cut operational cost and improve agility, and Smart Process Automation – which combines workforce orchestration, RPA and cognitive automation – delivers on this imperative.


Experts from HfS Research, WorkFusion and Ascension Health discuss how to solve for business outcomes through more integrated automation technologies. 


Participants will learn about:

  • How SPA relates to the HfS Research Intelligent Automation Continuum
  • How this new breed of automation improves on legacy solutions
  • The role machine learning plays in SPA
  • Use cases for SPA in shared services organizations and specific industries
  • How WorkFusion’s SPA platform delivers
  • A practical path forward for end users at the enterprise level who wish to explore SPA to achieve their operational mandates