HfS Webinar: Sourcing Savants 3.0

March 27, 2015

This webinar discusses the following issues:
  • What are the burning platforms driving enterprises to make real changes to their IT and Operations infrastructures? 
  • First we get hit with “Digital”, then “Robotics”, then “Artificial Intelligence”. Is the dear lord of sourcing smoking something, or is there some real substance into what is happening in our industry?
  • Does this mean that our traditional outsourcing industry is dying? Are enterprise clients really evolving this quickly to these As-a-Service models?
  • Is our talent keeping up with this As-a-Service revolution – across buyers, advisors and service providers? And what can we do to retrain ourselves and our staff to get with the program?
  • So what does our future really look like is this new world into which we’re venturing, when we show up to work in our iCar and are served coffee by a robot?


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