HFS Webinar: ‘Straight to Digital’ was forced on us…now we must pivot or fail

June 8, 2020

June 11 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 

We always knew it was coming, but most enterprise leaders assumed it would be on their terms and at a comfortable pace they could manage. How wrong they were!


We are now operating in a full-on digital business world and the speed at which we can pivot analog business processes into a full digital environment is critical.  This is the first time our customers and employees have been thrust into a digital duality and the opportunity to exploit this to get ahead of the competition has never been hotter.


In this HFS webinar, we discussed what organizations need to do to transform and survive, what they expect from their service and tech providers and why they must embrace different strategies to support their digital transformation journeys. 


Key Themes include: 


  1. The need to re-define the future and to stop feeding off the remains of RPA and ill-defined future AI. 
  2. The extent of support that enterprises are going to need to deliver critical employee, end-user and consumer services and the surge to automation
  3. How to best leverage emerging technologies so they offer solutions across the value chain 
  4. How companies are establishing hybrid digital workforces and accelerating their Straight to Digital journeys 




Phil Fersht CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS

Robert Skaljin, Senior IT Manager, TD Bank

Eric Hutto, President and COO, Unisys

Chetan Dube, President and Founder, IPsoft  

Melissa O’Brien, Research VP, HFS