HfS Webinar: The Great Roboboss Debate

October 12, 2016

Welcome to the completely unsponsored, unvarnished HfS web debate on the future of the “Roboboss”. Join an interstellar panel consisting of client leaders, technologists, service providers, analysts and advisors to discuss how to approach the impact of Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Automation on enterprises as it moves up the value chain.

Learn about:
• How should we define what a “Roboboss” is… and should be?
• How far from reality are today’s viewpoints from other “experts” – what’s real and what’s fantasy?
• Do we need a Code of Ethics for Intelligent Automation and Cognitive?
• Where are we going to see “real Cognitive applications” in the short-medium term? 
• Where should we start our Intelligent Automation and Cognitive journey?
• Are today’s service providers really going to be the enablers of Intelligent Automation and Cognitive?
• Buyers – if you could start this all over again, what would you do differently?
• How can we develop “Cogno-boss” skills?
• What is the Real Endgame with Intelligent Automation and Cognitive?

Client Leaders:
• Lee Coulter, CEO Shared Services, Ascension Health
• Matthew Heffron, VP Innovation Initiatives, Wells Fargo

Advisors, Analysts and Professors:
• Mary Lacity, Curators’ Distinguished Professor, UMSL
• Cliff Justice, Partner and Innovation/Cognitive Lead, KPMG
• Dr. Thomas Reuner, Research VP, HfS Research

Provider and ISV Leaders:
• Chitra Dorai, IBM Fellow & CTO Cognitive Services, IBM Watson
• Mihir Shukla, CEO, Automation Anywhere
• Chetan Dube, CEO, IPSoft
• Alastair Bathgate, CEO, Blue Prism