HFS Webinar: The rise of attended automation. How to get it right.

October 29, 2020

When we talk about robotic process automation (RPA) today what we are actually referring to in most cases is unattended automation – automation that uses pre-defined business rules to run without human intervention. The other part of the value equation is attended automation, also known as robotic desktop automation (RDA) – automation that sits on user desktops and is triggered by humans. As enterprises strive to scale their automation programs and fashion RPA into a native element of their digital business architecture, they are turning to attended automation as an additional lever to help drive adoption and enhanced results.

Listen to this critical webinar as we examine the evolving role of attended automation as a complement to enterprise automation programs. We’ll be joined by OP Financial Group, the largest financial services group in Finland, who is living and learning from their own unattended/attended duality, and NICE, their attended automation technology partner.


This session covered:

  • Why you can’t really talk about RPA scale without attended automation
  • What unique value attended automation brings to enterprise automation programs
  • Why humans love and want to use attended automation
  • What’s the same and what’s different about managing attended automation
  • Thoughts on how we stop with all the definitional buckets and just get to automation



  • Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President, HFS Research


  • Jukka Moilanen, Product Owner of Robotics at OP Financial Group
  • Oded Karev, General Manager for NICE Advanced Process Automation
  • Melissa O’Brien, Vice President, HFS Research