HFS Webinar: The Why, What, and How of HFS Top 10

September 17, 2018


HFS is no longer in the analyst 2X2 grid business! We have replaced our erstwhile Blueprint reports with
the innovative HFS Top 10 reports. Our clients want rankings where the analyst take a stand, not merely
a fuzzy matrix where everyone looks like a winner. That is what we are delivering with the HFS Top 10.

The HFS Top 10 presents the voice of the customer in a more meaningful way to enterprises. It also
enables analysts and vendor executives to engage in a less stressful and apolitical manner. This also
refocuses the analyst/vendor relationship more around valuable conversation and strategy, and less
around the “he said, she said” tactical bake-off, which the legacy quadrant model forces.


Join this interactive webinar where we will discuss:


  • The rationale for discontinuing our Blueprints and introducing HFS Top 10
  • The methodology and approach of HFS Top 10
  • What differentiates HFS Top 10 from all the other analyst grids
  • HFS’ overall research coverage areas, our Top 10 research agenda for Q4 2018, and other exciting new research and data products we’re cooking



Steven Taelman, Vice President, Global Business Development, HFS Research




  • Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research
  • Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, HFS Research
  • Jamie Snowdon, Chief Data Officer, HFS Research
  • Elena Christopher, Research Vice President, HFS Research