HFS Webinar: Your Agile Transformation Journey Will Fail Without Quality QA

March 12, 2019


The latest wave of transformation requires enterprises to take greater and greater competitive leaps. Driving customer intimacy, enhancing employee engagement. Making ecosystem connections more effective and giving them a greater purpose. Part of the change will focus under the corporate hood, applying technologies that enable more agile processes and employee effectiveness. All driven by technology innovation around social media, 5G, blockchain, automation, AI, Big Data analytics, IoT and smart devices.

But to stand a chance of taking full advantage of this change, the use of these technologies must be focused on genuine engagement, with customers, employees, and ecosystem partners. Without good QA and testing this just won’t happen. The challenges to getting this right for applications to have the most impact range from ensuring consistency of experiences across multiple channel interfaces, maintaining consistency of graphical user interface and test integration of services.

What’s more, more rapid product development lifecycles in a modern agile business mean they must ensure any testing is embedded within the fast sprints framework. Enterprises need to plan, execute, significantly automate and rapidly scale their digital quality assurance capabilities while integrating it seamlessly with their Agile and DevOps way of working. If they are to stand a chance of providing the types of applications that not only function but create long-term engagement.

Key topics:
• Seamless customer experience
• Transformation that QA function/teams must undertake to be relevant
• Agile transformation and Agile/CI-CD/BDD implementation
• Re-skilling of digital QA workforce
• Dynamic changes in the tools market

• Joseph B Moore, Senior Director SQE, Lexis Nexis
• Ollie O’Donoghue, Research Vice President, IT Services, HFS Research
• Shishank Gupta, Senior Vice President and Service Offering Head, Infosys Validation Solutions